Heart of the Hustle

Weather topics are often appreciated in two scenarios: The first, during awkward or drifting conversations, and secondly, during sports events. These two instances were revealed to us during our participation (or rather involvement) in the 7th Annual Watamu Triathlon Event held at Turtle Bay Beach Club.

Lucky for us, being the expert window (or balcony) weather forecasters, the weather promised to be kind.1


A Brief Overview of the Event

What really drew us towards the event is that we were associated with another first, courtesy of Turtle Bay Beach Club. The Watamu Triathlon is the first Pan-African triathlon event of the sports year that attracts spirited competitors from lands near and far (the terms local and international also apply). The 2016 Edition was no different. Various competitors participated in the below categories to awaken the force within them.

Olympic Distance: Swim- 1.5 KM; Bike-40 KM Run- 10 KM

Sprint Distance (Both Relay and Individual): Swim- 750 M; Bike- 20 KM; Run- 5 KM

Without further ado, let the games begin!5

2They Swam;

You can confuse this for a cover model photoshoot…and with good reasons 🙂6




IMG_3404They Rode;

These gentlemen were the definition of cool, calm, and collected. A rare spectacle in any competitive sports event.IMG_3473




The intense rivalry spiked the rather relaxed environment at the Coast.



The focused look of a sportsman…amidst the stares from the curious bystanders (or by-sitters in this case)


They Ran;




They Won.IMG_3650



The lovely ladies beat the gentlemen in the Sprint Relay category (what’s that they say, ‘What he can do, she can do…better’)IMG_3847

A triathlete’s certificate of survivalIMG_3852

Eye of the Tiger

Mohammed Suleiman, first place Watamu Triathlon 2016 Edition is one of the most focused and motivated athletes I have ever met. This year’s event marked his eighth time participation in triathlon and his motivation stemmed from a rather personal event in his life.

I managed to have a chat with Mohammed right after the race as I sought to find out more about his interest as a triathlete. As he explained, this year’s event was special to him as it reinforced his intention to pursue the sport. After the passing of his father who was a former director at the Kenya Triathlon Association, he decided to pursue the sport in honor of his father. Having qualified to participate as part of Team Kenya in Mauritius in the past and now winning the 2016 Watamu Triathlon, there is no doubt Mohammed Suleiman is the rising star to watch.


Of course I had to take a picture with the champIMG_3596

After the day’s events, we kicked it back with drinks overlooking the amazing view of the ocean. An awesome way to end a fun day, don’t you agree?




Turtle Bay Beach Club continues to support the local community as it endeavors to create positive engagement and achieve economic advancement in the region. Through sports, Turtle Bay has provided opportunities to nurture local talent as well as promote domestic tourism.

Turtle Bay Beach Club has great packages you can enjoy at discounted costs. Check out their website for more information.

Turtle Bay Kenya  Mida Creek Road, Watamu, 80202



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