Heart of the Hustle

Weather topics are often appreciated in two scenarios: The first, during awkward or drifting conversations, and secondly, during sports events. These two instances were revealed to us during our participation (or rather involvement) in the 7th Annual Watamu Triathlon Event held at Turtle Bay Beach Club. Lucky for us, being the expert window (or balcony) … More Heart of the Hustle

Heaven on Earth

Picture this: Waking up in a stylishly modern hotel room, and from your balcony, you can spot the white,sandy beach and its beautiful turquoise water. Before going in for a dip, You are served by one of the most friendly and hospitable staff you have ever met, and with their irresistible Swahili accent welcome you … More Heaven on Earth

We Wild Like This!

Howdy folks! On this edition, we take you for an epic and wild ride in the city and I mean the wildlife kinda wild, but you get it, right? Let’s get right to it! First, our travel essentials. Check, check and Check! The Wheels You can literally see the excitement on our faces. Now show … More We Wild Like This!